What type of insurance do you carry?
We carry personal lines, commercial lines of insurance, life and health insurance for individuals or businesses.

What partners do you represent?
We have partners that we work with for personal insurance and commercial insurance.

Do you offer any consultation for my organization?
We have a Risk Management process that identifies, assesses and prioritizes risks. A successful Loss Control/Risk Management Program is based on a successful partnership between ARONOV INSURANCE, INC., you and your insurance carrier. Find out more.

If I need to make a claim, what do I do?
You can either call the 800# on your policy information, call us with your name, business name, carrier and policy number to initiate the claim or fill out our claims form online and we will contact you.

What is my deductible?
Your deductible depends on the policy and can be determined by reviewing your records or calling us.

Why did my rate increase?
There could have been a claim in the last year and if not, it is possible that the company’s rate just simply increased over the past year and it is now affecting your premium.

Where do I mail the payment?
This information can normally be found in our system or online.

Do I have storm / wind coverage?
Unless you live on the coast or it is excluded you have wind coverage subject to deductible.

Do I have coverage on a rental vehicle?
It depends on the company. Liability follows the driver.

My car is older, why did the rate go up?
You may have had a rate increase due to obsolete parts costing more and/or company rates increased.

When do I have to add my child?
Most companies require children to obtain their permanent license, but you will need to notify the company when the child gets their permit.

A tree fell in my yard and/or an object, is this covered?
Normally, coverage is subject to covered peril, subject to deductible and is limited to $500 per tree.

Why do you need my SSN?
We are required to run a credit check when doing an insurance quote so that we can get the most accurate rate possible.