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Aronov’s Newest Gulf Coast Resort Wins Prestigious Aurora Award

Release Date: November 13, 2008

Montgomery, Alabama - Aronov Realty Management, Inc. was awarded a Grand Aurora Award for Aqua, the company’s newest luxury beach-front resort located in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The Aronov resort won a Grand Aurora Award for Architectural Excellence in Residential Facility Design.

The Grand Aurora Awards were presented on August 2nd in Orlando, Florida. The competition recognizes builders, architects, and merchandisers who demonstrate quality design and building excellence in projects located with a 12-state southern region. Nationally recognized independent judges selected the winners from hundreds of entries.

Aurora Awards Chair Ashley Jennings said that over the past 25 years, the program has grown to symbolize the very best in design in all disciplines of the construction industry. “The Grand Aurora Award is an honor highly treasured by construction-related professionals,” Jennings said. “An Aurora Award puts your business in an elite circle among your peers.”

Aronov retained award-winning architecture and planning firm Charlan Brock & Associates of Maitland, Florida for the design of Aqua. Aronov requested a spectacular design like no other on Panama City Beach. “Aqua is fresh and different from the rest of the Panama City Beach market,” stated Gary Brock of Charlan Brock & Associates. “The designs of the floor plans capture the essence of coastal living. The building design has a contemporary, international island feel, chosen to reflect a high-class resort environment utilizing exotic woods and refined stone surfaces in concert with a theme of flowing water,” he continued.

“The Aurora Awards are the Grammy’s of the building profession and I am pleased that the Aqua design and development teams have been recognized for their outstanding work,” stated Jake Aronov, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aronov.

Aronov Realty Management, Inc., also manages the vacation sales and rental programs for the resort. Aronov is the largest privately-owned, fully diversified real estate company in the Southeast with over 100 properties and performs acquisition, development, management, leasing and brokerage services for its portfolio and properties owned by third parties.

For more information about Aqua, please visit or call 800-793-0057.

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