Building results from the ground up, Aronov is uniquely positioned to manage the development process of any size project, providing a full range of services. Our years of experience have not only fine-tuned our development expertise, but have resulted in a network of contacts, resources and systems that continually identify opportunities and ensure success. And in our development, Aronov is committed to protect the environment in which we work.

Retail Aronov is one of the oldest shopping center development firms in the country and one of the most consistently successful. We develop a wide variety of center types, including neighborhood strip centers, community centers, discount centers, power centers, specialty centers and regional malls. And no matter what the product size or type, Aronov’s tight development control and intense leasing attention ensure the success of the project. Because it’s not just location and design, but a magical mixture of merchandise that gives a shopping center life. For more information, please email

Commercial Our office buildings are designed carefully to provide efficient space utilization, reliable building systems and fine aesthetic quality. We understand commercial real estate and consistently develop projects that perform well over time. For more information, please email

Residential — Apartments Aronov develops apartment communities that are successful because they satisfy an important need, because they are designed with a flair that excites market interest, and because they are built with precision and craftsmanship that is recognized by the discriminating consumer. Aronov is committed to quality, and insists on both aesthetic and financial success in each and every development. We are energetically pursuing an aggressive growth plan, and are looking for additional opportunities to create outstanding apartment communities. For more information, please email

Residential — Vacation Homes No form of development requires keener analysis, a surer sense of the market or more accurate timing than does vacation home development. Aronov’s development experience has prepared us well to meet the quality demands of this very special enterprise. And our residential and construction experience is invaluable in product planning — from space configurations that support the resort lifestyle to construction that enables us to provide competitively priced products. Architectural drama, design excellence, quality of product and value for the dollar all pay off in consumer appeal and sales velocity. Vacation homes are currently an exciting area of emphasis for Aronov. We are searching for sites on which to build other distinctive properties. For more information, please email

Residential — Communities Aronov’s residential development and brokerage skills have combined to create dozens of attractive and pleasant neighborhoods, offering a variety of housing types and lifestyles. Much of the company’s large-scale land development has been done with single-family housing as the core use in a multiproduct master plan. We have created master planned communities with a variety of interweaving uses and services, including retail, office, schools and recreational facilities. Effective land usage, attractive home placement, and varied yet harmonious architecture create pleasant streetscapes and a strong sense of neighborhood. Recreational and lifestyle amenities are always carefully geared to the homeowner profile. For more information, please email or